The Cat
Updated Christmas 2018
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This is Stryper – our kitty baby – and this is her web page...Meow!

Stryper is our Maine Coon, which is the largest breed of domestic cats. We got her in early 2012 from the neighbor of a friend, because Stryper had broken her leg, and the husband was allergic to cats, and etc., etc...

We took her in, and she healed up just fine, and she's a very energetic young cat. We try not to let her out of the house any more, because a couple of times earlier in her time with us she would go out and not come back – for as long as two weeks! We honestly thought we had lost her forever, then she came back as if nothing had happened. So, now, her only opportunities to go out are under "adult supervision"...we will sometimes let her walk around our yard (and eat grass, which is about all she wants to do out there anyway).

She does love to play with us, though...she'll chase the end of a string all around the room!

Sometimes we have an interloper -- a small black and white cat that likes to come into our yard and look for Stryper. When Stryper sees him, though, she'll growl, start yelling, and try to get the other cat (through the glass). We tell her she's a good guard cat!

Even though she's large (for a cat) and already eight or nine years old (six years living with us), Gaye's favorite term of endearment for her is "baby!"

Stryper posing on our bed in January 2013.

She moves's hard to catch her outdoors. This is January of 2012.

A terrific cat portrait, by Gaye, in May 2014.

Dan calls Stryper "Camouflage Cat," because her markings actually cause her to blend right in with our bedroom couch. Sometimes, especially when the light's low, we really have to look for her there!

Camouflage Cat, February 2014. (Where IS she?)

A picture from January 2016, where Stryper is watching her favorite Christmas toy being dangled overhead...


In July 2016, Stryper is - again - expectantly looking up at something...

In March 2016, Gaye happily endured Stryper trying to "help" her play a song on our keyboard!

Hey, Mommy, I just want to do what you're doing...

This is the photograph that Gaye says best captures the essence pf Stryper!


Stryper, August 2017

Stryper, August 2017

Stryper, October 2017 (sleepy cat!!)

Stryper, October 2017

Stryper, October 2017

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Oh, and she snores! It's the funniest thing – she makes this soft little high-pitched humming sound when she's deeply asleep.The slightest disturbance will make her stop, too - all I have to do is softly say, "Good Kitty," and she won't awaken, but she will stop snoring!

Newer Photos (as of Christmas 2018)

Here are some photos of Stryper around the house in 2018:

Stryper, January 2018. Glaring cat.

Stryper, January 2018

Stryper, May 2018. Flying cat! Here she's jumping down to the bed from her sleeping platform.

Stryper, May 2018

Stryper, August 2018

Stryper, December 2018. She's enjoying Christmas lights that we call her "party lights!"